From "Upper Hutt-the History"

"Stonestead has remained longest as a relic of old Te Marua. David BENGE built it about 1860....................................... He built a two storied, double-pitched colonial cottage which he called Stonestead, about 100 yards from his mill, alongside what is now the main road through te Marua.. he cleared the surrounding bush for a farm. Still on an acre of land, though surrounded by newer housing,Stonestead by 1990 was the only historic house still standing, thanks to preservation and restoraion by recent owners.
The youngest of John Benge's family was a daughter, Edith Rose who died as a toddler after an accident with scalded milk.Her father is said to have been so broken-hearted that his spirit became a Stonestead ghost, lamenting the death of his baby daughter. It is understood that the baby girl was buried in the orchard out from the front door. Three enormous pear trees still produce prolifically. "

These photos were taken c1990.
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