PARKER Family, Durham, England
(much of this information was given to me by my Great-Aunt Mabel Smith, Nee PARKER, and has not been verified).

Robert PARKER born 1795. Died 2 April 1882, age 87 years.
His wife was Mary, born 1795, died 1885 age 90 years.
They had two children, William and John.

William married Mary. Address Thristlington Hall.
Their children:
Robert died age 7yrs 8 mths in 1865
George William died age 3yrs 7 mths in1861
Robert died 1 year 3 months in 1864
William died 1 year 5 months in 1868
(maybe more children???)

John PARKER was born at Wilton, Etherley, Durham County 1830. He was a farmer at Cookson Green (161 acres).
His wife, Elizabeth nee HUDSON, was born 1825 at Gilbert, Durham.She died 2 April 1880, age 53 yrs.
1871 Census
John PARKER (Head) Farmer of Cookson Green,Ferryhill.
Elizabeth, wife
Frances Ann age 18
Thomas age 15
Jane age 12
Robert age 10
John H  age 7
Ann M age 5
William Charles age 2

Frances Ann married at age 28 to Henry LAMBERT a blacksmith of North Ormelby,Yorkshire.

Robert did not marry.

Ann did not have any children.

William Charles married at age 24 to Clara Alice JOHNSTON in Hastings, New Zealand and had six children.

The Parish Church at
Ferryhill  1995.

  Parker graves at Ferryhill Parish   Church.
"Elizabeth, wife of John Parker of Cookson Green, died 2 April 1880  age 53 years." "Robert Parker of Ferryhill, died 2 April  884 age 87 years. Mary Parker  died 23 May 1885 age 90 years."
"George William, third son of William and Mary of Thislington Hall died 11 March 1864 age 3 years 7 months.Robert eldest son, died 23 March 1864 age 7 years 8 months. Robert, fourth son, died 14 November 1866 age 1 year 7 months. William, fifth    son, died 15 May 1868 age 1 5 months."
NB There are some discrepencies in the information about William and Mary's children, including the spelling of their place of residence, between the information Aunty Mabel gave me and the inscriptions I made when I visited the Church in 1995.

This photo was among my
Grandmother (Harriet's) momentoes.
In her handwriting on the back it says
"Aunt Annie and husband of Leicester.
I corresponded with Aunt Annie"
I am assuming this was Ann M, the
next oldest sister of William Charles.

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