Henry LEAN and Helen Gibson Annan McINTYRE

Henry was born 20 December 1857 at Truro, Cornwall, the fifth child of John and Elizabeth Ann LEAN.
He was 16 when the family migrated to New Zealand.

He married Helen at Pukahu, Hawkes Bay on 12 February 1888.

They had seven children
1. Euphemia Christie (Fame), born 19 September 1889. She married Cecil Augustus Eba HAMLIN in 1912. They had seven children. She died 17 June 1949 and is buried at Havelock North.

2. John Henry, (twin) born 26 November 1891. He married Annie McLEAN and they had one child. He died 1 August 1967 and is buried at Hamilton.

3. Helen Gibson Annan McIntyre, (twin) born 26 November 1891. She died of diptheria 12 July 1895 and is buried at Havelock North.

4. Alexander Annan McIntyre, born 19 March 1896. He married Harriet Jane PARKER in 1921. they had three sons. he died at hastings 1 January 1969 and is buried at Hastings.

5.Flora Christina, born 22 May 1898. She married Walter George SCOTT and they had two children. She died 16 August 1979 and is buried at Dannevirke.

6. Pearl Hazeltine was born 10 September 1899. She married Archibald Allan REEVES. They had three children. He died 9 June 1980 and is buried at Dannevirke.

7. Hector William, born 16 March 1903. He married Maud Endora PUSCHELL. They had one son. He is buried at Fernhill, via Hastings.

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LEAN of Hawkes Bay
c1904 (from left) Henry, Flora,Euphemia (at back),Alex (on right), Hazel (standing between her parents, Hector (on his Mother's knee).
Hector and his mother, Helen.