Family of Hawkes Bay, New Zealand

For the first few nights after the family arrived in Napier, they stayed in The Barracks on the hill in Napier where the hospital was later to be built.They then moved a few miles south-east to Clive to stay with James, who was still unmarried at this time.
It is not known when Elizabeth moved the family to Havelock North and later to Pukahu (a few miles south-west). Unfortunately fire has destroyed the Lands and Deeds Office records which would have given that information.
Pukahu had its own church and one of the sons Henry and his wife are reputed to have been the first couple to marry there.It was a sub-Church of St Columba's Presbyterian Church of Havelock North. Although Elizabeth came from an Anglican background,many of her family were baptised, married and buried from the Pukahu church or St Columba's, and she had a Presbyterian funeral, following her death on 4th January 1893.

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