Isaac WILKINS and Family
John WILKINS Married Elizabeth KNOWLES 19 May 1812 at Inkberrow,Worcestershire, England.
Their children were:
                              Date of Baptism
Mary                        25 Dec 1812     All were baptised at Inkberrow.
Sarah                       19 March 1815
William                     19 May 1817
Elizabeth                  25 Dec 1822
Isaac                        13 Feb 1825
John                         10 Feb 1828
Nathaniel                  25 Dec 1830
George                     29 March 1835
Contact is wanted with descendants of any of these.
John and Elizabrth were living at Ridgway in 1841,1851 and 1861 Census. Sarah Morrall (see below) was also living there in 1881, so did she know the WILKINS family before her travels to New Zealand?

Isaac married (m1)  c1851 Charlotte PERKS.
Charlotte was baptised at Severn Stoke, Worcestershire 16 March 1817, the daughter of Daniel (Saltmaker) and Ann (nee Vaughan).
Daniel PERKS did 27 September, 1854 at Stoke Works age 62 years.It appears that Charlotte was previously married on 6 May 1836 to Thomas Townsend at Stoke Prior, Worcester. Thomas was age 25yrs, labourer and Charlotte age 20yrs. When Charlotte married Isaac Wilkins, she married as Charlotte Townsend. What happened to Thomas? In the 1851 census (see below) there were no children with Charlotte & Isaac. Did she have any to Thomas?

Contact is wanted with the PERKS and VAUGHAN families.
On the 1851 Census,  Isaac is listed as age 26 years, occupation Police Constable. Charlotte, age 32, occupation dressmaker. They were living at Heneage St, Duddeston. Census place Aston Warwickshire, Warwickshire.
They had three children, all baptised at Stoke Prior, Worcestershire.
Rose Annie was baptised 8 August 1852 .
John Thomas was baptised 19 June 1853
George Isaac was baptised 30 December 1855.

c1856, the family moved to South Africa. Six years later they arrived in Auckland on the "Susanne"
26 November 1862. At some time in the next few years, they travelled to Wellington.

Rose Annie was only 16 when she married John BENGE

Charlotte died 29 January 1877 at Upper Hutt from Hepatitus (4months) and Ascites (4 months). She is buried at St John's Church,Upper Hutt.


Isaac married (m2) Sarah MORRALL nee VERNER on 8 May 1883 at the Registry office, Wellington. Witnesses were J T WILKINS,Publican, Cuba St, Wellington and N I WAYATT,Civil Servant, Wellington. Sarah was late of Astwood Bank,near Redditch,Worcestershire,England. Her father was Richard Verner. She was born and lived at Snowshill as a child. Sarah Morrall  was  living in Ridgway in 1881, (Where John & Elizabeth Wilkins previously lived,so did she know the WILKINS family before her travels to New Zealand? Sarah is lsited in the Census as married/divorced and her occupation was given as "in receipt of alimony". Sarah's first husband was from a family of needle makers, as were Issac Wilkins' mother and sister, Mary.

(There was a John WILKINS (also a publican) who was possibly Isaac's brother also living in Upper Hutt.His wife Sarah, died 11 May 1871 age 43 yrs and 2 sons  John born c1865,Reg Wellington died 24 June 1887 age 22 yrs and William born c1866, reg Wellington,died 18 Feb 1868. Sarah, William and John Jnr are buried at St John's Trentham.)

Descendants June LEAN and Bridget SPRAGG of New Zealand,at the grave of Isaac and Sarah at Cheltenham Cemetery, England, in 1995.  Right: Carol SPRAGG at the grave.

Isaac and Sarah returned to England in February1888, by steamer, and Isaac died in Cheltenham on 10 June 1888, aged 63 years. In the 1891 UK Census, Sarah was living at 7 Sevenhill, Cheltenham, as a widow, living on own means. Sarah died 13 December 1896, age 66 years. They are both buried at Cheltenham Cemetery. Why did they go to Cheltenham when they returned to England? Neither of them appear to have had any previous connection with Cheltenham. There is a transcript of Isaac's Will and other documents further down this page).

Post marked 14 July 1888
Addressed to Mr J J Devine, Wellington, New Zealand

14 Severn Hill
Gloucester Rd
Dear Friend
I am writing to tell you of my sad loss. My dear husband died Sunday evening June 10th. He has not been at all well since we arrived in England. He stood the water journey very well but has not been at all well since we arrived in England. My husband was taken three weeks ago........ghout, very bad indeed for a fortnight. After that he had a stroke, from which he never recovered. I have had a great deal of trouble and work since I have been here. the funeral takes place today. I shall miss him very muchnow. The Dr tells me I must take rest for a time now. I must say my friends and people here are very kind to me. I hope sir, your wife and family are all well, with my best wishes to them. Mr Wilkins, my husband, when he was alive,said that he thought that it would be a lot better for me and less trouble when the aefesant (sic) amounts come due to be forwarded here to me. Also his wish that the said moneys(sic) shall be sent to me when due and not to be put out again as loan but to be sent according to time and arrangements of which you know. I am rather short of money now, having been to great expense since I have been here.I shall be very glad to here(sic) from you as soon as possible. i hope you will be able to understand my imperfect (sic?) letter. With kind regards to you.

11 November 1893, Sarah WILKINS (widow, age 62yrs) married William ROE,(widower, Retired Police Officer, age 62yrs), both of Malvern Wells, at the Parish Church of St peter's, Malvern Wells, Worcestershire, after Banns. Witnesses were George SMITH and Maria SMITH.

29 December 1896 Probate  Sarah ROE of White Hart St, Cheltenham, wife of William ROE, died 13 December 1896. I have a copy of her Will.  

This is the last Will and Testament of Me, Isaac WILKINS of Upper Hutt in the Colony of New Zealand, late Hotelkeeper. I revoke all Wills and Testamenary depositions by me at any time heretofore made and subject to the payment of my just debts, funeral and testamentary expenses I devise and bequeath all my real and personal property and estate of what nature and kind soever and where soever situate that I may die seized or possessed of or entitled to unto James joseph Devine in the city of Wellington in the said Colony, Barrister and Solicitor and Alexander Cruickshankof the said City, Wellington, Clerk, their heirs,executors, administratorsand assign according to the nature thereof respectively upon first That they the said James Joseph Devine and Alexander Cruickshank or the survivor of them, will as soon as convenient after my decease call in, collect and receive such part or parts of the trust premise as shall consist of money or personal estate and sell or dispose of such part or parts thereof as shall not consist of money and that by public auction or private contract and either together and in lots and upon such terms and conditionsand as to giving time for payment of any part of the purchase money or taking security as they shall think fit and with power to buy in vary or resind any contract for sale and to resell without being responsible for any loss occasioned thereby and to enter into make do and execute all such acts, deeds, contracts assurances and things necessary or expedient to carry into effect the powers aforesaid and I direct and declare that my said Trustees shall stand possessed of the net proceeds arising from such callingin collection, sale and disposition of  the first premises upon trust for my wife Sarah Wilkinsabsolutley for her own sole and separate use and benefit and I hereby appoint my said Trustees to be Executors of this my Will and I direct that my Trustee and Executor James Joseph Devine shall be entitled to charge for, claim and retain his proper costs, charges and expenses for all professional work and services done by him in and about the proving of this my Will and the administration of my estate in the same manner as if he had not been a Trustee and Executor hereof but had been appointed and had acted as Solicitor in the ordinary way. Signed this twentyeighth day of January one thousand eight hundred and eighty eight.

However, this wasn't the end of the
story. Isaac's three children, including
my great-great grandmother, Rose Annie
Benge, weren't included in the Will and
they challenged it, along with Sarah
There's more below.

1. Caveat lodged against Probate 25 July 1888.
Civil procedure 17 December 1888.
Question of Legality re the legality of Isaac Wilkins' signature is that the caveat claims that in January 1888 he was too infirm to sign or know what he was signing and that the lawyer "Pushed" his hand to sign.

2. "In the Supreme Court, Wellington, Estate of Isaac Wilkins, died
10 June 1888".
Order dated 24 August 1888.
John Thomas Wilkins, George Isaac Wilkins, Roseanna (sic) Benge, wife of John Benge and the said John Benge as the only natural sons and daughter of the said Isaac Wilkins, deceased, living at the time of his deat, and Srah Wilkins, the widow and residury (sic) legatee under the said Will.
The said action came on for trial 14 January 1889 and the Will duly proved and Exors (sic) named.

3. "In the Supreme Court, Wellington, sworn statement by Cornelius O'Connell and Victor Granville 17 August 1888.
I Cornelius O'Connell of Upper Hutt in Wellington, waggoner, and Victor Granville, Publican,make oath and say as follows-
1. I am one of the subscribing witnesses to the document filed in this Honourable Court, proporting to be the Last Will and Testament of the said isaac Wilkins, deceased.
2. That on the date emntioned in the said document, we were called by James Joseph Devine into a room where the deceased was in a state of semi-consciousness. The said James Joseph Devine did not read over or explain the said document to the said Isaac Wilkins, neither did he state to me or the other attesting witness, its nature.He placed the document before the said Isaac Wilkins and said to me and the other attesting witness "I want you to witness his signature to a matter of form". Then Mr Devine took hold of a pen, put it in the hand of Isaac Wilkins and held both and made the signature which appears thereon. The said Isaac Wilkins did not speak and then Mr Devine asked me and the other attesting witness to sign our names as witnesses. i objected without knowing the nature of the document but Mr Devine again remarked"It is only a matter of form", and then we signed it.
3. The said isaac Wilkins did not appear to us to understand what he was signing. We certainly did not understand the nature of the document until sime time afterwards. Sworn in the city of Wellington this 17th day of August 1888.

4. In the Supreme Court, Wellinton, sworn statement by James Joseph Devine,  21 August 1888.
I James Joseph Devine of the city of Wellington, Solicitor, make oath and say as follows:-
1. That I have read the affidavit of Cornelius O'Connell and Victor Granville.
2. The the statements contained in the affidavit of what occurred on the occesaion of the execution of the Will of the said Isaac Wilkins do not correctly represent the facts.
The correct facts are these-
On the 28th day of January 1888, according to appointemnt, I proceeded to Upper Hutt with an Engrossment of the said Will and also of a Power Of Attorney for execution by the said Isaac Wilkins. I saw the said Isaac Wilkins at his residence there and read over to him the Engrossments of the said Will and Power of Attorney and filled in the blanks in the said Will for the name of one of his Executors and in the said Power of Attorney for the name of the Attorney to act in certain cases therin mentioned. As being one of the Executors mentioned in the said Will and also being named as the Attorney under the said Power of Attorney, I could not attest the execution of the said documents by the said Isaac Wilkins so I went to the adjoining hotel of the said Victor Granville to procure the necessary witnesses. it is very probable I did not mention to Mr Granville or Mr O'Connell what the documents I wished were, when requesting  them to accompany me to Mr Wilkins' residence to witness his signature.That having read over the document as above to Mr Wilkins, I did not again when bringing the witnesses into his presence read over them to him but I certainly did after Mr Wilkins had signed his name to the said Will audibly repeat in the room where we all then were to Mr Wilkins the usual formula on the execution of a Will. "This is your last Will and Testament and you request these gentlemen (or persons) to witness same". On the execution of Power of Attorney I probably made use of no other words than to ask them to sign their names at the foot of the attestation clause and this seemingly is the document to which they are referring.....................
3. That with regard to the statementsthat the witnesses were called by me into a room where the deceased was in a state of semiconsciousnes, I say the deceased at that time appeared to be in the same condition of mind and body as when in Wellington about a week previously and (save becoming somewhat feebler by his increasing age, much the same as I had seen him at intervals for a period of 3 or 4 years preceding and during which period he had transacted many matters requiring his signature which I have never heard questioned.
4. That with regard to the statements that I held the hand of the deceased I say that from what I had known of the deceased during the period referred to in the last preceding paragraph I knew he could not of his own accord and by his own physical exertion sign his name without his hand being held to guide the pen. I generally pencilled the name first (as I did on the occasion in question) and then guided his hand over the pencilled letters and it was only a week or so previous to the occasion referred to in the last preceding paragraph that the said Victor Granville had seen him so executesome documents in my office in which he (Mr Granville) was interested-amongst others a Bailment of the furniture in the hotel to the said Mr Granville and under which a considerable amount of money is now needed.
5. That I believe the last statements contained in the said Affidavit that the said Isaac Wilkins did not know what he was signing to be based on the fact that the witnesses did not know that the Documents had previously been  hadread over by me as aforsaid but they certainly ought to have known what at least one of the Documents was through my having made use of the words referred to in paragraph 2 of this my affidavit."

The challenge to the Will was dismissed.

John Thomas married (1) Edith Elizabeth GEANGE November 1876.
Edith Elizabeth was daughter of RICHARD and Ruth (Nee SATCHELL).
1877, occupation Publican of Upper Hutt (Ref-Birth Cert of George T).
In 1882, John Thomas WILKINS, Publican, Wellington was bankrupt.
c1883 J T WILKINS was proprietor of Star and Garter Hotel, Cnr Cuba and Webb Sts Wellington.
On 1890 Electoral Roll, John Thomas was of Upper Hutt, settler, freehold part Sec 3,Whakatiki.
On 1893 Electoral Roll, John and Edith were living at Silverstream.
1905-6 Electoral Roll-Hutt. John's occupation-farmer.
1908 (George T's wedding) John's occupation was builder. He is also noted on the certificate as being a Justice of the Peace.
1909 (Herbert's wedding cert) John's occupation was "carpenter".
She died 3 June 1906 at Silverstream, Wellington of cancer (Death verified). Buried at Upper Hutt.
John Thomas married (2) Mary GUARD at Nelson c1913.
His address when his sons enlisted for WW1 was 2 Mount St, Wellington.
His address when Sydney was killed in 1916 was Fern Flats, Marton.
He died 18 July 1931 at Fern Flats, Marton. His funeral was from St Stephen's, Marton.There is a burial in the Anglican Cemetery, Marton Block J, Plot 1 John T WILKINS. No headstone".. His death was subject to a Coronor's Report "Gunshot wound in chest accidentally self inflicted". His occcupation on his Death Cert was "retired builder". At the time of his death he had five surviving children.
The children of John Thomas and Edith Elizabeth were:
1. George Thomas born 19 June 1877 at Upper Hutt. He married Elaine Elizabeth Taylor SMALES, born Auckland,age 33, daughter of Gideon (Church of England clergyman) and Elizabeth (nee TAYLOR), at St Paul's, Thorndon,Wellington 22 August 1908 .George's occupation was "builder" at the time of his marriage. When son Roy was born,1909, his occupation was Insurance Agent. Elizabeth died at Hamilton in 1942. George died at Hamilton,1970.
Roy Smales WILKINS born 21 July 1909,McDonald Cres, Wellington.  He is on the Wangaui Collegiate School Register 1854-1939,page 208. He married  Carmen Sylvia     SPARKS 1928 .

. Herbert Charles born 15 August 1879 at Upper Hutt. He married Fanny ODEY 19 October 1909 at Registrar's Office, Wellington .Fanny was born at Waimate, NZ,the daughter of Henry and Elizabeth (nee MIDDLETON).

3. Charlotte Blanche born 13 March 1883,Cuba St, Wellington. She married John Thomas JONES at St John the Evangelist, Trentham. John's age was 34 and occupation was Contractor. He was the son of John (Farmer) and Ellen (nee STEPHENS) JONES. John (occ. storeman was 73 yrs when he died in 1943.Charlotte died at Wanganui 1952. Their headstone at Aramoho cemetery, Block H, Row 3 reads " In loving memory of John Thomas JONES died 28 January 1943 and Charlotte Blanche JONES died 24 March 1952".

4. Sydney Trentham born 1886. he died serving NZEF WW1 in France 15 September 1916.Reg No 23/2123, NZ Rifle Brigade 2nd Btn. No known grave, Commemorated on Caterpillar Vallry,Longueval,Somme. He did not marry. His occupation before enlisting was "drainlayer".

5. Ethel Maud born 16 September 1890 at Upper Hutt. She married Henry Stuart Cooper MORRISON (age 26, occupation farmer) 27 April 1916 at St Peter's, Willis St, Wellington. Henry was the son of William and Margaret (nee STUART) MORRISON. Ethel died 1962 and Henry 1971,at Marton.

6. Mabel Rose born 1892. Died 15 July 1895 at Silverstream (folio 1445). Cause of death-acute bronchitus for 7 days.

7. Arthur Edward born 4 April 1894. Arthur is on the Roll of Honour at Upper Hutt Primary School.

George Isaac married Mary Ann HAGAN 10 December 1879.
In 1881, George Isaac was Publican at Railway Hotel, Quinn's Post His father had been publican there in 1876.
1890 Electoral Roll he is listed as a farmer Freehold, part Sec 3 Whakatiki (same as his father).
1893 Electorate, Farmer,Upper Hutt
1911 Electoral Roll, Trentham,farm labourer.
Mary Ann was listed on the 1879,1880,1900 Sheepholder's Returns.
George Isaac WILKINS died 7th June 1926, Wanganui. Buried Aramoho cemetery."In loving memory of George Isaac beloved husband of Mary Ann WILKINS died 7 June 1926 age 68 years. Deeply mourned".
The children of George Isaac and Mary Ann were:

George Isaac born 12 Aug 1880 at Upper Hutt.
he was in the 1st Reserves in WW1. His address was No 3 Line, Wanganui East,occupation-Fram labourer.
Aramoho Cemetery, Wanganui "In loving memory of George Isaac WILKINS died 9 April 1941 age 60 years. R I P"

John Thomas born 17 October 1881 at Upper Hutt
In 1916 a John Thomas WILKINS married Annie McGUINNESS.
He enlisted for Boer War,1902 A page 28.
He was in the 1st Reserves, WW1,address Otoko, Gisborne, occupation-Labourer.
He married Annie McGUINNESS at St Mary's Roman Catholic Church Gisborne 26 January 1916.She was born in England, daughter of Joseph and Jane (Nee DUFFY) and age 23 when she married.
John's occupation at time of marriage was "platelayer" (Railways?).
There were 3 WILKINS births registered in Gisborne in the next few years. I have not verified that these are the children of John and Annie.
1916-Brian Oswald
1917-Alfred Charles Thomas
1918- Joseph

William Alfred born 18 March 1883 at Upper Hutt.

Gertrude Mary born 1 December 1884 at Upper Hutt.
1911 Electoral Roll she was spinster of Grand National Hotel,Petone.
She married Edgar William DOBSON at All Saints Church, Nelson 10 December 1913.He was the son of William and Charlotte Jane (nee CRISP) DOBSON.

Kate born 27 July 1887, Wellington. Baptised 12 October 1894 at St John's Trentham.She may have married Herbert EDWARDS. The Kate WILKINS who married Herbert EDWARDS; died in New Plymouth 5 January 1967.
There are a large number of descendants.
Contact me for information on them.

Nellie, born 16 December 1889, Upper Hutt.

Contact is wanted with descendants of John and Edith,George and Mary Ann.
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Please send me an               if you can add any information. I have a lot of information on other WILKINS families who were living in Wellington pre 1920.

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In 1876, Isaac was Publican at Railway Hotel, Quinn's Post.
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