HEARD in New Zealand
Thomas arrived at Lyttelton aboard "Adamant" October 17th 1873.
Thomas worked as a carpenter in Christchurch and purchased land in Worcester St, Linwood.
According to Charlotte's death cert. she arrived in New Zealand in 1876 and as their next child was born May 1878, this would seem probable. The NZ Archives Registers consist almost solely of assisted immigrants and therefore paying passengers do not appear, so to date it has not been possible to verify that date of the arrival in New Zealand of Charlotte and Annie Maria.
Annie Maria married William JACKSON at Woodville 3 December 1890.

Frederick Thomas was born in Christchurch 15 May 1878.
He married Charlotte BENGE
at Mangaroa, Upper Hutt on 22 October 1902.

Ethel Beatrice was born 18 May 1880 at Christchurch. She married Stephen JACKSON at Woodville on 10 April 1899.

Ellen Gladys was born 6 April 1888(?) at Ballance and married Charles PALMER at Takapau on 20 February 1908.

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Thomas was drowned while moving cattle during a flood in the Mangahao River on 26 June 1899. He was buried in Ballance Cemetery on 1st July 1899. Check his Obituary
Charlotte died in Pahiatua Hospital of cancer of the gall bladder and was buried beside Thomas on 15 November 1902.


Fred HEARD and two of his sisters,
                Nellie  and Ethel  c1950

Grave of Thomas and Charlotte at Mangahao Cemetery, Ballance, near WWoodville.

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Fred and Annie c 1950
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