Frederick Thomas HEARD
Frederick was the first child of Charlotte and Thomas to be born in New Zealand, and the only son of the marriage.
He was born in Christchurch 15 May 1878. He started school at Linwood Primary, Christchurch and when the family moved to Ballance in 1886, he was enrolled at Ballance School, where he completed his schooling.
he worked on the family farm as well as bush felling in the district until his father's death on 26 June 1899.
Following his father's death, he managed the family farm until the death of his mother in 1902.
In October 1902, he married Charlotte Blanch (Lottie) BENGE
at the home of her parents at Mangaroa, Upper Hutt.

Fred and Lottie's children were:

1. Charlotte Joyce (Joyce) born 3 July 1903 and died 18 February 1990 at Waipukurau.
She married (1) on 27 August 1924 at Rawhiti Homestead,Rissington, Napier. 1924, Ronald Leicester SNOWSILL
They had one child, Charlotte June, born at Napier, 15 May (the same day as her Grandfather HEARD), 1926. She married Dudley Alexander LEAN.

Joyce and Ron's' marriage was dissolved on 19 November 1931.

On 25 November 1931, Joyce married (2) Arthur Edward (Ted) CRAVEN (DOB 15 May 1898 at Horton,England).
Joyce and Ted had twins Elizabeth Anne (Anne) and Edward Bruce (Bruce),10 December 1931.
Anne married Colin Harding THOMAS on 5 May 1951.
They had two children:
Graham Edward, born 6 May 1952
Christine Margaret (Chris) born 30 September 1953.

2. Gordon Frederick born 8 July 1904 at Ballance. He married Hazel WALL 10 June 1936, and died 15 July 1986.
They had two sons:
Thomas Graeme (Graeme), born 17 September 1937. He married Ruth CLARK on 11 October 1958.
Graeme and Ruth had three children.
Andrew Philip, born 19 June 1963
Michael Graeme born 5 February 1965
Jenette Elizabeth, born 12 October 1969.

Cedric John, born 25 November 1942, married Beverley Anne CURTIS on 4 May 1968.
They had three children:
Cathryn Jane HOLLOWELL, born 25 November 1967
Jason Philip, born 10 October 1971
Kathryn Louise, born 9 July 1973.

3. Gladys Annie was born 12 October 1905 at Ballance. She married Hugh HICKLING in Fiji on 2 June 1934 and died 22 March 1996 at Auckland.
They had three children:
Wendy Judith, born 3 August 1937, married (1) Peter JOHNSON
They had two children:
Joanne, born 19 November 1952
Bruce, born 11 May 1963.

Hugh Richard Ngamaroitiki, born 22 May 1941, married Helen CATHRO.
They had two children;
Martin, born 16 August 1966
David, born 29 July 1971 married Linley

Peter John Frederick, born 21 November 1942, married Heather HENDERSON, died 22 December 1998.
They had four children:
Lynda, born 25 July 1964 married Dave GREIG
Antony (Tony), born 13 September 1966 married Donna
Sharon, born 9 April 1972 married Rob GAASTRA
Tracy, born 9 April 1974 married Darren MURRAY

4. Hazel Ethel, born 13 January 1907 at Astron, married Henry Melville Tredenham (Denny) CARLYON 23 December 1932, died 23 March 1973.
They had three children:
Michael Thomas Tredenham, born 1 January 1935, married Patricia WALLACE 15 September 1958.
They had three children:
Mark, born 11 April 1959, married Tracey PEDEN.
Paul, born 9 February 1961, married Stephanie POWESLAND.
Katrina, born 7 November 1966.

MARGARET Cecile (Cecile), born 13 January 1938, married Peter MIRAMS 29
April 1962.
They had three children:
Diana Joan, born 29 November 1966, married Mark WASHER.
John Tredenham Forbes, born 24 January 1969, married Annemarie AGGETT.
Clare, born 25 November 1971.

Peter Tristram, born 11 November 1941, married Jan BARTSCH, died 16 January 1982 at Paihia.
They had three children:
Russell, born 7 June 1967
Tristram Ernest, born 22 September 1970, married Sharron COURTNEY.
Tiffany, born 19 June 1973.

5. Victor John (Vick) born 14 December 1911, married Joan MARTIN.
They had two children
Ivan John born 17 May 1940.
He married (1) Ruth
They had two children
He married (2) Mary
They had one child
He married (3) Edith

Dorothy Colleen born 23 July 1946.
She married Ron ANDERSON.
They had two children

The HEARD Family in 1912. Fred, with Hazel on his knee,Joyce,Gladys, Gordon, Vic

Gladys, Vick, Lottie, Fred,
Joyce, Gordon, Hazel.

HEARD family 1952 Gordon, Gladys, Fred, Lottie, Joyce, Hazel, Vic.

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The HEARD Family c1918 Gladys, Gordon,Lottie, Fred, Joyce, Hazel, Vic.
Fred HEARD continued
The Family moved to Masterton in 1906 and to Hawkes Bay in 1908.
Fred farmed several properties in the Havelock North,Te Mahunga, Otaemuri, Twyford and Irongate areas, also at Rawhiti on Glencarry Road.
Several of his chilkdren were first day pupils at Twyford School and he was the first Chairman of the School Committee.
he was one of the first in the Hastings district to move cattle by motor truck.
He bought a property on Irongate Road, which he farmed for some years. When he and Lottie moved into Southampton Street, Hastings, his son Gordon took over the farm and specialised in Friesan cows. On his retirement, Gordon sold half of the farm to his older son Graeme, who planted it in peach, nectarine and apple trees. Some years later when Gordon and Hazel moved to Southampton St, Hastings, Gordon sold the other half to his younger son, Cedric. Cedric has since sold his piece, but Graeme and Ruth are still living on Irongate Road.