ANDERSON Of Edinburgh Scotland
Richard ANDERSON was born 1807 at Colinton,Midlothian,Scotland. His parents were Robert ANDERSON and Agnes nee JOHNSTON.
Euphemia was born 1815,In Edinbugh,Scotland. Her parents were Houston WILLIAMSON and Katherine nee SUTHERLAND.

Richard Anderson married Euphemia WILLIAMSON on 1st July 1836 in Edinburgh. They also appear to have married a fortnight later on 15th July 1936 in another parish of Edinburgh, as it was common at that time to marry in parishes of both the husband and wife.

1851 Census
Richard ANDERSON  Head  Married  Shoemaker  born Colinton, Midlothian.
Euphemia                    Wife                                      born Lasswade,Midlothian
Catherine                    Daughter  unmarried  at home  born Lasswade,Midlothian
Marion                         Daughter  unmarried   at home  born Haddington,East Lothian
Elizabeth                     Daughter  unmarried    scholar  born Edinburgh, Midlothian.
Houston                      Son           unmarried    scholar  born Edinburgh, Midlothian
Johann(a)                   Daughter   unmarried    at home born Edinburgh, Midlothian.

Another daughter,Euphemia was born in 1855.
Houston died between 1851 and 1855.

Letter Euphemia ANDERSON brought to New Zealand with her.
12 Windmill St
25th July 1862
Euphemia Anderson has been a pupil in the Edinburgh ..... School here for four years and has during that period,behaved herself in the most satisfactory manner. She is a docile obedient and sweet tempered girl and has made excellent advances in the different classes through which she passed. The parents of the girls are steady, sober, honest and industrious persons. It will therefore yield us much pleasure to hear of the welfare and success of the family.
Robert Dun
Secretary of the Edinburgh Education Society.

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